WMTY Around MHVC: June 6th Launches “WMTY for Everyone”

Throughout MHVC, WMTY is for everyone, not just for patients. Over the past year, MHVC partners have asked “What Matters to You?” and received answers that have helped improve the workplace, administration, human resources, policies, and staff retention. “Asking WMTY feels different,” said Dr. Damara Gutnick, MHVC Medical Director. “It elicits a deeper, more honest, and direct response. It is also a gratifying experience for the listener, so that both parties can help effect change together. It can help everyone, and every DSRIP program, in some way.”

MHVC has a robust variety of events planned for WMTY Day, June 6th. The day begins with a webinar that provides participants an overview of WMTY and reviews the tools and processes used to guide health care staff on how to ask the question “What matters to you?” This is followed by instructor-led training in Goshen, NY, in collaboration with the Orange County Department of Mental Health and The Joint Membership of Health and Community Agencies. The training will:

Demonstrate how applying WMTY can help guide patient-centered care planning.

Explore how and why adapting WMTY into practice brings “joy” into the workplace.

Explore opportunities to incorporate asking WMTY into your daily work

Provide skills to help you spread the movement of asking “What matters to you?”

Identify process and outcome measures that can be tracked to capture the impact of WMTY implementation at your organization.

If you have special activities planned for WMTY Day, let us know at MontefioreHVC@montefiore.org.

On WMTY Day and beyond, MHVC will continue to train health care staff and providers on WMTY, but will also expand its reach to non-traditional audiences. According to Joan Chaya, MHVC Director, Workforce Development and Management, “We are especially interested in bringing the WMTY message to human resource professionals, administrators, and cultural competency and health literacy audiences. WMTY has generated a lot of positive response in workplace efforts, LGBTQ programs, and diversity projects.”

To capture how MHVC partners are using WMTY in their organizations, MHVC has created a WMTY Survey. “Our partners have been very creative with their initiatives, and we wanted to have an easy way to share their ideas and results,” said Dr. Gutnick. Modeled after a British Columbia survey, the MHVC survey asks both qualitative and quantitative questions, and encourages partners to share their stories. “We were told by partners that they want to hear what has worked (or not worked) for others. We are hoping this will be a platform for sharing that information, as well as data.” Examples of open-ended questions include:

How has WMTY impacted your relationships?

How hard/easy was incorporating WMTY into your practice?

How did it feel?

In honor of WMTY Day, participation in the survey has a special WMTY product incentive, so start the survey for this limited offer!

The survey link is one of the features of the newly-launched WMTY Online Toolkit on the WMTY web page. “By using our website we can make the toolkit available to partners any time, any where,” said Chaya. “Plus, it makes it easier for partners to link to our other training and workforce resources.”

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