“What Partners Want”: Details of Rockland and Orange CofC Kick-Off Meetings

Regional Communities of Care identify localized needs.

MHVC’s inaugural Communities of Care (CoC) forums were developed as an “umbrella” for activities around provider engagement and performance improvement involving organizations within the same region. The first two forums, which were announced in the MHVC Summer 2018 Newsletter, were held in May in Rockland and Orange Counties, building on the extensive collaboration and partnerships crafted through MHVCs Innovation Fund.

“We expected lively interaction between the partners,” said Marlene Ripa, MHVC’s Director of Network Design and Administration, “but we also got something even more valuable. When we asked what the partners wanted, we got very thoughtful and pragmatic responses, including comments on specific gaps and opportunities for improvement. We have already held follow-up webinars in both counties and a ‘Breakfast-and-Learn’ networking session in Rockland based on the feedback.” (See article below.)

Ripa and her team documented the results of the kick-offs and then produced separate webinars for partners in each county to discuss the key takeaways and proposed next steps. Rockland County had four large initiatives, and Orange County had three (link here).

Ripa and her team are highly energized by the enthusiasm. “We will use the MHVC newsletter to report on the Westchester CofC kick-off and subsequent projects or initiatives that came from the Rockland and Orange takeaways,” she said. “It is exciting to develop new ideas and programs that transform network wide projects into regional innovation and resources to drive sustainability; I think it’s a great indicator of how well our partners will work together and continue to create value beyond DSRIP.”

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