What Matters to You?

MHVC and its partners have embraced the new initiative, "What Matters to You?" (WMTY) and made it their own.

How WMTY Began

The worldwide “What Matters to You” initiative was introduced by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in 2012. The first WMTY Day was started in Norway in 2014 and has been held annually around the world since then. Every year, on or around June 6, MHVC encourages partners to have the WMTY conversation with patients. “The goal is to encourage partners to keep having these conversations beyond WMTY day,” said Dr. Gutnick.

IHI’s vision for WMTY asks: “What if every clinician, staff member, and community health worker routinely asked, ‘What  matters to you?’ — and listened attentively at every encounter with individuals and their family members? What would we learn? How would understanding ‘What Matters’ enhance our ability to develop genuine partnerships with individual patients?”

WMTY Resources

Videos, webinars, worksheets, buttons, posters -- download and connect to all the tools you needs to make WMTY a success in your organization.


If you think the “What Matters to You” (WMTY) campaign is a great idea but you don’t know how it will fit into your organization or how to start, these videos from MHVC can help.


Started in Norway, WMTY has mobilized practitioners around the world. Some notable examples:

MHVC is sharing some videos put together by our WMTY friends in British Columbia. This short video contains tips and tools on how you can embed this question into every day practice. This video and others on the linked page can be shared to explain the importance of "What Matters to You?" and help health care providers and their patients share meaningful conversations.

WMTY Partner Story

We encourage you to contact us with other ideas that have worked for your organization, and with stories of the impact WMTY has made in your organization and with your patients and staff. Send us your stories and your pictures, and we will feature you as a "WMTY Partner Story."

WMTY on Social Media

Tweet to #WMTY19 and #LeadingChangeMHVC to add to the WMTY conversation around the world!

WMTY Day is Every Day!


You can find tools here to help you celebrate on June 6th, and every day!


WMTY Toolkit

Interested in implementing WMTY in your organization?  We got you covered!  Click here to access MHVC's WMTY toolkit.


WMTY Videos

-- WMTY Day 2019 Videos: Click here for YouTube and Twitter versions of four videos (Lorraine's Dad, Wedding Anniversary, CLUSTER Patron, CLUSTER Client).

-- WMTY for Behavioral Health Organizations: Learn how HDSW integrated WMTY into their client services.

-- WMTY for Health Care Providers: Learn about ways to implement WMTY in a FQHC and in a hospital.

WMTY Facilitation Tools & Resources

Damara Gutnick, MD, MHVC Medical Director, and Joan Chaya, MHVC Senior Director of Workforce and Management, invite you to view their webinar, “Celebrating What Matters to You Day,” which provides the history of the “What Matters to You” global movement, discusses activities for WMTY celebrations, and describes resources. The webinar is available by clicking here for the video on our Vimeo channel, or here for a PDF of the slides.

WMTY Tools: How Do I Use “What Matters to You”

Worksheets, posters, buttons -- click the images and links below for great WMTY ideas and resources from MHVC and its partners.

1. We Asked...They Said...We Did

Click on the images below for an example of how you can implement WMTY every day:

2. WMTY Chart

Click on the image below for this MHVC "one-sheet" for individuals to identify what's important to them that day or week.:

3. WMTY Tree

Click on the image below from Human Development Services of Westchester:

4. "What's Important to Me" Tool

5. WMTY Worksheets



Registration form

6. Logos

Use these logos for flyers or email signatures!

7. Buttons

Email "WMTY Button Request" to Liz Ramos, eliramos@montefiore.org, with the name and phone number of contact, organization, mailing address, and the number of buttons. There is no charge for MHVC partners.

8. MHVC Webinars

What Matters to You Day 2019 webinar

What Matters to You 2017 webinar


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