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CHW Apprenticeship Program Responds to Workforce Need

September 28, 2018

Remotely hosted training program, designed with Hostos, underway with two partners. After a year of development, the newly-launched MHVC training program for Community Health Worker (CHW) apprentices is underway at two partner sites and is proving to be a viable template for future MHVC workforce training programs. Maria Gerena, MHVC Workforce Development Manager, credits MHVC…

Project ECHO Brings Alzheimer’s Expertise to Practitioners

September 28, 2018

CEAD applies ECHO’s technology and hub-and-spoke system. When Jessica Zwerling, MD, Director of the Montefiore Hudson Valley Center of Excellence for Alzheimer’s Disease (CEAD), heard about Project ECHO(Extension of Community Healthcare Outcomes) it was a natural fit for CEAD’s mission. “One the the goals of the State Department of Health in providing funding for CEADs…

Peds PCPs Learn to Call Project TEACH for Mental Health Services

September 28, 2018

Free, unlimited consultations, referrals, and training “brings the teaching to us where we are in the community.” Michele Bailey-Ingram MD, had never heard of Project TEACH (Training and Education for the Advancement of Children’s Health) before she received a flyer last year for CME programs at her Mayfield Pediatrics practice. The programs were free and…

MHVC Launches “Communities of Care” for Rockland and Orange: New initiative will focus on regional continuums to promote integrated care

July 31, 2018

“Excited” was the word that best described the reaction of partners invited to MHVC’s inaugural Communities of Care (CoC) forums, according to Marlene Ripa, MHVC’s Director of Network Design and Administration. “MHVC developed the CoC as an ‘umbrella’ for activities around provider engagement and performance improvement involving organizations within the same region,” said Ripa. “Our…

Get Smart! MHVC Offers Full Scholarships for Valera Smartphone App

July 31, 2018

MHVC is pleased to announce that we are offering partners a full scholarship for use of Valera Health, an evidence-based smartphone application that provides significant care management and self-management support for patients’ integrated behavioral health care needs. This is a key part of our continued effort to support tools that prepare partners for value-based payment…

What’s New with MAX? Spreading the Word!

July 31, 2018

On May 30, 2018, the NYS Department of Health (DOH) conducted a Medicaid Accelerated eXchange Series (MAX) Symposium for all PPSs and their MAX action teams in New York City. The state discussed the work around the MAX series to date, how the PPSs have been doing, and what the expectations are as the program…

WMTY Around MHVC: June 6th Launches “WMTY for Everyone”

May 31, 2018

Throughout MHVC, WMTY is for everyone, not just for patients. Over the past year, MHVC partners have asked “What Matters to You?” and received answers that have helped improve the workplace, administration, human resources, policies, and staff retention. “Asking WMTY feels different,” said Dr. Damara Gutnick, MHVC Medical Director. “It elicits a deeper, more honest,…

What's new at MHVC

MHVC Innovation Driving Change Poster Compendium

MHVC is proud to present our Innovation Driving Change Poster Compendium.  This compendium includes a series of highlights, impacts and reflections on the success of the MHVC network and the New York State DSRIP program.  Please click here to access compendium.

WMTY Toolkit

Interested in implementing WMTY in your organization?  We got you covered!  Click here to access MHVC's WMTY toolkit.

Check out our new Depression E-Learning Module

This web based training module introduces the key principles of collaborative care for depression including measurement based care, depression screening and management using the PHQ2 and PHQ9, Suicide assessment, self-management support for depression using Brief Action Planning, Shared decision making around medication choice and also WMTY.  CME is available for physicians and care managers.  Please click here to access module.

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