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Workforce Communication and Engagement Toolkit for Managers

What is the toolkit?

The purpose of the Workforce Communication and Engagement Toolkit is to offer a repository of best practices and resources for communicating your organization’s participation in DSRIP projects and its impact on the workforce. The toolkit will grow with network partner communication needs. Contents include:

  • Message campaign resources such as “DSRIP 101”
  • Model Town Hall meetings for DSRIP communications
  • Model Department meetings for DSRIP communications
  • Customizable templates for each DSRIP project
  • Best practices in DSRIP communication from MHVC network partners
  • Best-In-Class articles in employee engagement and change management
  • Online informational resources

All documents are downloadable!

How does the toolkit work?

Click here to view a 6 minute video on the toolkit.

How do I give feedback on the toolkit?

Via “contact us” feature or call the MHVC workforce development office at 914-354-5615.

Additional Resources

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