MHVC Announces “What Matters” Campaign

Initiative supports worldwide “What Matters Day,” June 6.

MHVC is proud to announce its participation in the worldwide “What Matters to You” initiative, which was introduced by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in 2012. MHVC Medical Director Dr. Damara Gutnick, said, “‘What Matters to You’ exemplifies MHVC’s patient-centered focus and frames our efforts to build meaningful relationships with our patients on both clinical and personal levels. It is a simple phrase with a profound impact.”

IHI’s vision for “What Matters to You?” asks: “What if every clinician, staff member, and community health worker routinely asked, ‘What  matters to you?’ — and listened attentively at every encounter with individuals and their family members? What would we learn? How would understanding ‘What Matters’ enhance our ability to develop genuine partnerships with individual patients?”

The first “What Matters to You Day” was started in Norway in 2014, and has been held annually around the world since then. This year, on or around June 6, MHVC is encouraging partners to have a ‘What matters to you?’ conversation with patients. “The goal is to encourage partners to keep having these conversations beyond ‘What matters to you?’ day,” said Dr. Gutnick. “Asking what matters to our patients gets to the heart of the matter more quickly every day.”

MHVC’s “What Matters” campaign was launched with a webinar by Dr. Gutnick. Link to the webinar here, and a video here. If you have examples of how asking “What Matters to You” has made a difference in a patient’s life or your practice, let us know at

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