MHVC Announces CBO Funding Opportunities Supporting Communities of Care

MHVC CBO Integration Strategy to strengthen the region.

A core principle of MHVC’s integrated delivery system is deepening our understanding of the role that CBOs play in the region. Throughout DY1 and DY2 MHVC has engaged CBOs as part of our program planning and workforce training efforts, including our emphasis on PDSA training to promote outcomes and VBP training to promote organizational sustainability. As we enter DY2 MHVC is pleased to announce funding to support CBOs and the role that they play in patient education, navigation, and engagement. MHVC has actively engaged CBOs in the DSRIP process and is now pleased to announce newly available funding for CBOs and their partners.

On June 5th MHVC will be hosting an Innovation Funding Webinar (link to flyer here), to discuss the funding opportunity and the process to apply. MHVC hopes to support referrals between partners, linkages among providers and organizations, and connections between clinical partners and CBOs that improve population health and shape efforts to address health disparities.

MHVC will empower CBOs by providing resources to partnering CBOs to assess their infrastructure needs, linkages to clinical partners, and preparedness to connect with an integrated network. Education for CBOs about physician networks and goals in order to improve community health and sustainability through an integrated network will also be available.

After establishing partnerships with CBOs, MHVC will support sustainability by providing technical assistance, developing a CBO toolkit, and performing community-based research to identify future opportunities for CBOs, among other efforts.

The MHVC CBO Integration Strategy and Innovation Fund provide an immediate opportunity for CBOs to enhance collaboration across our network and support stronger, healthier communities in the Hudson Valley. Letters of Interest will be due in July, and successful applicants will be asked to submit proposals in mid-August. For more information, please participate in the webinar on June 5.

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