Types of Training

MHVC offers multiple instructor-led training. These trainings are part of MHVC’s cross project training strategy that promotes the ongoing transformation of healthcare.

MHVC's online e-learning courses provide rich content, targeted learning strategies and interactive tests. All online e-learning courses are designed for self-paced learning.

MHVC offers Train-The-Tainer sessions on various topics. Our goal is to build training capacity in the Hudson Valley.



Courses in this category are targeted for clinical health care professionals. Topics range from up skilling professionals in self-management support skills to diagnosis driven topics to improve care for patients/clients. Topics include NYS Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT), Blood Pressure Module and Clinical Approach to Asthma.


Training topics in this category vary in health care disciplines. Targeted participants/attendees are those seeking to learn more about caring  for a specific population including performance reporting and technology-related topics.


These courses vary in topics. Modalities can either be instructor-led or accessed online through Learner Central. Topics include Population Health related training and Cultural Competency and Health Literacy training. Anyone in any health care setting can participate/attend any training classes in this category .

Training Topics

The courses below are active for registration. To view past (archived) courses, click here.


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