Happy Anniversary, WMTY! April 4 and June 6 Celebrate “What Matters”

“What Matters to Us?” and “What Matters to You?” dates set for 2019

Since 2017, MHVC has encouraged partners to be creative with ways they can ask, “What Matters to You?” International WMTY Day 2019 is on June 6, and MHVC and its partners are asked to put on their patient-centered lenses, take out their WMTY trees and questions, and get ready to celebrate WMTY that day — and every day. The worldwide “What Matters to You” initiative was introduced by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) in 2012. The first WMTY Day was started in Norway in 2014 and has been held annually around the world since then. Every year, on or around June 6, MHVC encourages partners to have the WMTY conversation with patients. “The goal is to encourage partners to keep having these conversations beyond WMTY day,” said Dr. Damara Gutnick, Medical Director of MHVC.

“What Matters to Us?” Day was born with the success of WMTY Day. Staff around the world recognized that their questions and answers were different than those of patients, so we hope our partners will dedicate April 4, 2019, to celebrating WMTU Day — a day dedicated to staff and joy in work! “‘Joy in Work’ is one of the most significant movements to impact health care in many years,” said Dr. Gutnick. “WMTU Day gives extra attention to the tireless efforts of those who provide professional and support services, and often need support and a voice as well.”

There’s more to come soon, so please continue to follow the WMTY page on our website!

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