Through the Lens of Autism: Creating a Culturally Humble Practice for Trauma Support

Most people with autism experience significant stress and trauma over the course of their lives. Some of their experiences are clearly aligned with traditional concepts of trauma, while for others their stress and trauma are specifically related to the realities they face as a result of their condition. Too many individuals that seek treatment following traumatic experiences have never been previously diagnosed with autism, or have been misdiagnosed. As such, these individuals may present to your practice in crisis, without a proper diagnosis, following a traumatic event.

As an autistic individual, best-selling author, and researcher, Dena Gassner will examine how providers can become more aware of the intersection of autism and trauma, the ways in which trauma symptoms may present in people with autism spectrum disorders, the pros and cons of traditional trauma treatments for this specific community, as well as how practitioners can implement more culturally humble approaches to treatment to meet the needs of this neuro-diverse population.



For more information contact Yumnah Syed at or 516-877-4423

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Date(s) - Apr 12, 2019
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Adelphi University Performing Arts Center


3 Executive Boulevard
3rd Floor
Yonkers NY 10701