Community Needs Assessment

As part of our DSRIP planning process, we partnered with other organizations in the Hudson Valley region to conduct an extensive regional assessment of community needs. Our Community Needs Assessment (CNA) gave us a solid understanding of currently available and needed components of the health care system and the health status and needs of the population in our region. The results of the CNA -- the data, focus group responses, surveys, studies, and recommendations from consultants and participants -- helped us choose the most appropriate DSRIP projects to undertake for MHVC.

The CNA was conducted between July and December 2014 jointly with Westchester Medical Center and Refuah Health Center and Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley. It included evaluation of the data related to health care service use and needs as provided by the New York State Department of Health and collected by the three-PPS team. It is a comprehensive assessment of the health care resources (including behavioral health and community-based service resources) available in the service area, and the demographics and health needs of the population to be served.

Download the assessment here:
One Region, One CNA: An Eight-County Community Needs Assessment.


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