Blueprint for Health Equity

The Blueprint for Health Equity is an experiential learning event, that will allow you to consider the work you already do or will do in the future, through the eyes of the people you will be serving. This workshop will explore the social determinants of health through a health equity and racial equity lens.

The day begins with a presentor, who will address the central question of how poverty and structural racism affect individuals, families and communities ability to achieve health equity. This presentor will discuss the structural causes of poverty, explore the intersection of structural racism and poverty as social determinants of health, and discuss racial health disparities.

Following this, participants will experience the Community Action Poverty Simulation (CAPS), designed by the Missouri Community Action Network. Participants will, with their assigned family, live out the role assigned to them for a total of four, fifteen minute weeks, allowing them to experience a full month living in poverty. This activity is followed by a debrief session in which participants reflect together on what they will take away from the experience.

The day concludes with a presentation from our keynote speaker, who will further explore the social determinants of health, racial equity, and the Results Based Accountability Model. The speaker will address how to put what you learn into action, and help clients and communities achieve health equity.

There is no cost to attend this event.

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