Are You VBP Ready? MHVC “Build-A-Value-Proposition” Workshops Can Help

What if your community-based organization received an email today from your health care provider, hospital system, or Medicaid payor asking for your value proposition for a service you provide? Do you know what a value proposition is? Do you know if you provide a service that will improve health outcomes at a cost that a payor is willing to pay?

MHVC is pleased to offer “Build-A-Value-Proposition” workshops, giving partners the opportunity to develop a value proposition to use in marketing their innovations to Medicaid Managed Care or health system payors. A value proposition is a business plan communicating how your work can deliver improved health outcomes at reduced cost to potential payors. It sounds simple, but it takes some thinking and practice to do this well.

According to Adyna Gamboa, MHVC Training Manager, “The workshop will offer a combination of training, tools, and personalized coaching for teams. To get the maximum benefit, we are encouraging partners to include a range of staff on their teams, including leadership, service delivery management, finance, quality/reporting, and IT.” Teams will gain shared understanding of value propositions and their potential VBP services, and will actually write a value proposition.

The next workshop will be held in Tarrytown on December 10, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, facilitated by Kristin Woodlock, MS, NP, who is a consultant to MHVC. “Teams usually want to know how to prepare for the workshop. Any ‘raw materials’ — such as service descriptions, performance data, qualitative impact, and costs — will be helpful. If they are just getting started, that works too: The session will still help to develop a value proposition outline.”

Prospective participants can learn more by watching this video and by contacting Rachel Evans, MHVC Manager for Community Engagement, Register for this training here.

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