What Matters to You?

MHVC and its partners have embraced the new initiative, "What Matters to You?" (WMTY) and made it their own.

In May 2017, MHVC announced its “What Matters to You” (WMTY) campaign (article here), which was launched on international “What Matters to You Day” (June 6th)  with a webinar and subsequent events around the region. “Because the message is so simple and compelling, it is resonating with our partners, patients, and just about everyone else,” according to Dr. Damara Gutnick, MHVC Medical Director.

“There has been positive feedback about the work, which has been seamlessly integrated into almost all of our outreach and trainings,” she continued. MHVC has disseminated information about WMTY widely, including its recent Behavioral Health Learning Collaborative, ED Care Triage training, sessions with medical schools, and the Blueprint for Health Equity forum.

View the popular video on empathy from the Cleveland Clinic, here.

“What Matters to You” is What Matters to HDSW

Training staff in all departments and HOPE House

In June, Human Development Services of Westchester (HDSW) took “What Matters to You” (WMTY) beyond one day, June 6th, and began integrating the concept into all of its programs. Under the guidance of Kathy Pandekakes, Chief Operating Officer, HDSW brought “What Matters To You” to each department director who will then begin to integrate it into their programs in the next few weeks.

“Listening to Dr. Gutnick speak about ‘What Matters to You’ the first time was captivating. It was clear she had seen that this framework makes a difference in how a person experiences receiving care, and this resonates into all aspects of their life,” said Pandekakes. “Since HDSW serves clients from a strength-based, person-centered perspective, we quickly saw the connection and how one philosophy complements the other.”

WMTY brings into focus what an individual identifies as most important and critical to their well-being, and not necessarily the specific reason or service the individual is seeing the provider about. “It’s a wonderful way to start a conversation and it shows that we want to hear what is important,” said Kelly Darrow, LCSW, Director of Recovery Services at HOPE House in Port Chester, and the Living Room in Mamaroneck. “Of course it’s an important question, and it’s one that is natural in the person-centered-care Behavioral Health world: This is about the person outside of their care and services.”

Darrow gave an example of an interaction with a long-time member, who, when asked what mattered to her, responded, “Yoga.” “With all of the hours spent with this member, no one had asked, and that one word -- yoga -- was the key to addressing her social, diet, and health issues. We were able to weave it through all of our interactions with her.” This member is now planning to take part in the Peer Care Management training program at HOPE House, which prepares those with lived experience of their own to become New York State Certified Peers.  

HOPE House is a psychosocial clubhouse that follows the clubhouse programs begun in the 1940s. They provide a place where people with who have a history of behavioral health issues go to have a sense of community, not see a therapist or service provider. Members and staff work in conjunction to provide the structure and activities for the program; peer staff are key in the clubhouse model.

“We have a morning meeting in the clubhouse to plan for the day, make announcements, and have members celebrate their personal accomplishments,” said Darrow. “Already two members have requested that we ask at our morning meeting every day, ‘what matters to you today?’” HDSW will be offering the training to members and staff together so everyone can be part of integrating it into the culture. “The more you see members, the more it matters,” said Darrow.

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WMTY Around the World: Scotland

WMTY has been implemented across the world by various types of healthcare provider organizations. This is an example of implementation in an inpatient hospice setting in Scotland: Fiona Irvine, Ayrshire Hospice

MHVC Steering Committee members demonstrate their commitment to What Matters to You?  by wearing their “Person Centered Frames.”

Medicaid Director Announces Focus on Kids and Empathy

"First 1000 Days on Medicaid" initiative is aligned with WMTY

MHVC's WMTY campaign captures empathy, which aligns with the announcement from NYS Medicaid Director, Jason Helgerson, about the collaboration with the American Academy of Pediatrics around early childhood development. For more information on the First 1000 Days on Medicaid initiative, please visit: https://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/redesign/first_1000.htm.

-- Dr.Damara Gutnick, MHVC Medical Director

Stories from the field that bring the message home

If you have examples of how asking “What Matters to You” has made a difference in a patient’s life or your practice, let us know at montefiorehvc@montefiore.org.

Nursing Student Asks a Difficult Patient, "WMTY?"

"No one thought to ask what it was that was bothering her"

A difficult patient, an unexpected hospital stay: By asking WMTY, this nursing student discovered that the patient was worried about her dog at home alone.


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